Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan: Beginners Guide

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan: Beginners Guide

From experienced bird hunters looking for a new and fresh challenge to newcomers who want to get their bird hunting adventures off to a great start, the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan beckon. It is hard to beat the natural beauty of the place, and the many lakes attract a huge abundance of wildlife, including many of the most popular waterfowl species.

Then there are the ground-based species – the ruffed grouse and ring-tailed pheasants, the partridges and other birds, all waiting to challenge you and your hunting abilities. All that is great, but if you want your hunt to be successful, you need to be prepared.

If you are new to bird hunting in Northern Saskatchewan, there are some key things you need to know. From how to choose the perfect outfitter to which species you are likely to encounter, the more you know about the region and its bounty the easier it will be to create a memorable and successful trip.

An Outfitter Brings Added Value

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan

For non-Canadian residents, an outfitter brings added value to any bird hunting adventure. While non-residents are not legally required to use the services of an outdoor outfitter, it is always a good idea to go with the pros.

A professional outfitter can add a great deal to your Northern Saskatchewan bird hunting adventure. Some of the services these professionals provide include arranging and providing accommodations, arranging meals and even freezing the meat for the journey home.

Professional outfitters can also assist bird hunters with obtaining the proper licenses and migratory stamps. This is an important consideration, and an experienced outfitter will understand and take care of all the legal and regulatory requirements.

Public vs. Private Hunting Lands

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan has set aside a number of lands for hunting purposes, and these public hunting lands are always popular destinations for bird hunters.

The public hunting grounds have been purchased by the Canadian government, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. But in addition to these hunting grounds, there are also private lands available, but it is important to make arrangements with the landowners ahead of time.

That is another benefit of working with a professional hunting outfitter. Many outfitters have developed long-lasting relationships with local landowners, and that allows their clients access to some of the best hunting grounds in the country. If you want a choice of great hunting spots, this combination of public and private is hard to beat.

Seasons and Rules for Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan has a relatively long bird hunting season, giving sportsmen and women ample opportunities to bag their limits and bring some fresh meat home for their families.

The season for game bird hunting typically opens in early September and runs through the month of October. Exact dates for the bird hunting season can change in response to a variety of factors, including the size of the local and regional population, changes in migratory patterns and alternations to the local environment.

If you are booking your trip with an experienced Northern Saskatchewan outfitter, you will not have to worry about the length of the season, or the exact dates for that season. Outfitters work closely with the Canadian government, and they gather all the required information before they plan their trips and choose their dates.

Travelling with Your Firearm

Bird Hunting in SaskatchewanWhen you travel to Canada for your bird hunting adventure in Northern Saskatchewan, you will obviously be travelling with your firearm. Coming in and out of the country with your shotgun should not be a problem, not as long as you follow a few simple and common-sense gun safety rules.

First and foremost, you will want to invest in a hard-sided lockable case for your shotgun. The gun should be carefully placed in the case, and the case should be securely locked before you leave the driveway. Whether you are flying or driving, you will want to keep your firearm secured, both for your own personal safety and the safety of your travelling companions.

Getting through the TSA security lines can take a bit longer when you are travelling with a firearm, so keep that in mind as you make your plans. Getting to the airport at least half an hour earlier than you otherwise would will give you plenty of time to get through security and make your flight.

You can buy ammunition once you arrive, so there is no reason to bring it with you. But if you like, you can pack your ammo in your gun case; just let security know that it is there when you get in line.

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan

Bird hunting in Northern Saskatchewan is a wonderful adventure, one every bird hunter should experience at least once. With an experienced outfitter by your side, you can enjoy the hunt of a lifetime, and when you are done, your outfitter will pack up your bounty so you can enjoy it when you get back home.

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