The Hunt

Below are a few photos are some of the successful hunts from past years.

Duck Duck Goose Outfitters is licensed as an outfitter through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (License #C3026) as 101076424 Saskatchewan Ltd.
Saskatchewan Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting in Northern Saskatchewan! Your owners are Keith Heisler and Rick Poulin are experienced guides. Keith and Rick have lived and hunted in the area for more than 40 years. Our bird hunting area spans over 1,360,000 acres. It contains an abundance of small and large bodies of water. The area is also surrounded by crops of peas, barley, wheat, and oats. This creates tremendous opportunity for our clients to be the first to hunt these magnificent birds as they migrate south.

Scouting is done 2-3 days prior to hunting any field. Hunts are set up using prime decoy equipment and blinds.

The morning hunt starts with a continental breakfast and then it’s out to the fields for the morning goose hunt. When the morning hunt is over, we head back to camp for a delicious hot breakfast made by our camp cook and some well-earned R&R!

The afternoon features field hunting ducks if you haven’t already limited out in the morning. If you have your limit, you are welcome to hunt upland game birds such as Ruffled Grouse, Sharp-tails, and Hungarian Partridge.

As the evening settles, we are back at the lodge for a hearty home-cooked meal and some stories from the field.

One of the main pre-requisites of a great hunt is the ability to access prime farmland where waterfowl feed. We are fortunate to have lifelong relationships (at least two generations) with the majority of farmers in the area. This collaboration creates the essential opportunity to hunt birds in numerous feeding grounds and more feeding grounds always equals more birds!

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